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Kais Slim Saidi
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA ! Okay , what do you wanna know ?

Current Residence: Tunis in Tunisia
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Salut ma gueule !

For all ya folks there reading what I type and enjoying the show , Thank you very much ! You give me a good reason to type this. Well aside from my ego that is...
Well it seems that our 2 previous Spider-reviews were kind of depressing so I've decided to switch to something a little more lively. Plus it has a Spider-man that I consider worthy of my appreciation so I can't pass an occasion like this. And what crazy storyline would I pick for our wall-crawling pal ? Why, Maximum Car-to the-Nage OF COURSE !  

Yes , the controversial event ! Some people say it is the worst of the worst and that it gave them brain cancer ( though seeing what they praise, I don't think there was much to give cancer to quite sincerely...) and that it manages to be even worse than One More Day or Sins Past (I have no words ).  While others , like Linkara , think it fucking RULES (much like the titular villain tags on the walls)... we'll see about that.

As for me, let's set the facts straight : I LOVE Carnage ! He's my other favorite redhead in the Spidey titles SPECIFICALLY in the hands of David Michelinie OR in the horror-driven One-shots and minis. Cletus Kasady is not only Michelinie's greatest villain (even outspacing Venom in that regard !) and the focus of David's BEST Spider-man Arc but he's THE Negative Spider-Man through and through !
Now, some of you may ask WHY the hell didn't I cover it in my Michelinie run review ? Well, it's simply because it was made around the time where he lost control over his creations and the editors were driving the plots. In fact , in an interview, he said he barely remembered this story and I attribute this to the fact that he only got a few parts to write in it.
It also feels to me that Maximum Carnage with Michelinie's arc is like comparing ALIENS to ALIEN. While Michelinie had a 1 year build-up at least before Cletus fully revealed his symbiotic glory, the arc itself has the perfect pacing and presents Carnage , much like the Xenomorph , as an utter nightmare ; there was barely anything Peter could do on his own DESPITE knowing the Symbiote's weaknesses AND Kasady is extremely tricky when it comes to hiding and striking. He doesn't even target Spidey most of the time ! THIS storyline on the hand , Like ALIENS , is rather loud, on the nose and does diminish the more threatening aspects of the main villain. Though to its credit, it has its memorable moments.

Now let's go with the Good and the Bad of Maximum Overexposure (though compared to Whoreverine's, it is fucking MODERATE !)


+ This is what I find odd in terms of tone ; At the very start of the story, the Peter Parker part is actually pretty sad (well it does occur right after JM DeMatteis' brilliant Harry Osborn arc for starters !) , while the Carnage part feels like I am watching an AMV of "Bodies"...which makes it highly amusing. Our Hero is grieving while our villain is basically in Disneyland ! What a World !

+ I Really love the Carnage Crew ! It's absolutely fitting for Kasady's character since he is rather gregarious (and is secretely looking for a family he never had). Shriek and Doppelganger are of course my favorites (Plus unlike Harley, Shriek does not trust Cletus and CAN hurt him ! She's ruthless but she ain't deluded !) while Demogoblin and Carrion aren't too bad. Though does anyone else think that Demo is trying to put more creds in his villain CV ? First the Sinister Six then the Carnage Crew ? I guess his true mission is to have something to brag about during happy hours rather than "punishing sinners" .
All in all, they do make a fine antagonistic team throughout the story and are indeed a large scale threat...

+ Spider-man being pushed through the limits and yet still . When you step back and look at the concept of the story, it is perfectly fitting for Peter who is presented as the underdog like he should be. Not only does the Carnage Crew only outnumber Team Spidey, but the general population is going crazy (due to Shriek's powers). So the Webhead will have to do what he can to save the place before it all crumbles !

+ Venom... It is a sin that there's no laugh track whenever he's done talking because DAMN does Eddie get lumps during this arc ! Seriously, he's THE king of Comedy reliefs! Most of his "SLAY THY VILLAIN !" attitude is met with painful failure ! Well at least, his heart is in the right place ...

+ Michael Morbius , Black Cat, Iron Fist , Firestar and Cap America are quite welcome ! And why is the inclusion of D-Listers  considered a bad thing ?

+ This page is great in its simplicity… .The villain is one-dimensional, right? Fuck you...

+ EVERYTHING about this panel is BRILLIANT !…

+ Welcome to Oz , Bitch !…

+ For the whole Kill or Don't Kill issue, both sides have actually valid arguments. On that point I do agree with Linkara...

+ For all the accusation of being too violent, it is actually graphically tame ! The bodies are either hidden or not-so gruesomely mauled and compared to what we have TODAY in Spider-man books, there's nothing really hardcore about it. Thanks for keeping it classy , Maximum Carnage !


- I really could not care less about Cloak and Dagger. I really felt that these 2 were fillers in this story and that you could have easily replaced them with other D-listers (like RAZORBACK ! WHY THE FUCK ISN'T RAZORBACK HERE ?! HE could have helped save the day with hiw badass truck !). Honestly , if you want me to adapt this arc, count these 2 OUT ! O-W-T, OUT ! And what the hell was up with that Nightwatch dude ?! And where the hell is Daredevil ?

- The 14 issues problem. Yeah, this is where it is really problematic : while the tone of the story is at least consistent and the scale is big , the Pacing is affected by it. Because of the length, the story has too many moments where it should have ended yet keeps going. Now, I have nothing against a fakeout ending and the last one where Carnage was actually hiding in a  lake was a nice touch, but I think it should have occurred waaaay earlier ! Instead we have :
* The Club Dance confrontation (and I am actually disappointed that MJ didn't have a bigger role...oh well !)
* The Orphanage
* The Central Park
* The City yet again
* The final fight at the graveyard ( I did like it for Cletus' mental breakdown...)
I think that if it was 50% shorter , it could have reached a far better climax. Also, the happy gun .... That was errrr random ! I think that the device they went with in Carnage USA was a far more clever idea. The happy gun was way too tacked on ! If it were built-up towards properly , it would have been easier to swallow.

- Too many authors. If this were supervised by 2 writers (my choices would be Michelinie for the action/humorous scenes and DeMatteis for the psychological/emotional ones), it would have been a far stronger read ! Due to many cooks in the kitchen, the soup is kinda spoiled. Also, timing wise it came waaaay too early after the 1st Carnage story, they should have let him cool down a bit.

So there you have it for Maximum Carnage. I can't bring myself to hate the whole thing and I surely don't, but it could have been better and it was certainly a lot better than most of the long Spider-man storylines I've read. Plus, it could work as a basis for a Spidey fighting game or if Marvel and Madhouse had some neurons left they could adapt it in animation ( THIS is how the final fight should be like… )! Anyhow, the roll call...


* That Guy from Seabiscuit
* Helllloooo Kitty !
* Still way saner than Harley Quinn
* Man-Spider
* Beyond the expiration date
* Daech Gremlin
* Louis De Pointe Du Lac
* Chris Evans
* Too hot to handle
* Windows Vista
* Discount Spawn
* Ow, convenience !
* Chucky Elfman

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