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Kais Slim Saidi
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA ! Okay , what do you wanna know ?

Current Residence: Tunis in Tunisia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: eeerrr... I DONT KNOW!
Print preference: I DONT KNOW!
Favourite genre of music: when I hear a song I like I just take it! no matter the genre
Favourite style of art: With a black pen & a pencil
Favourite cartoon character: dude that'd be like choosing between his children, they're all part of a huge puzzle
Just came back from a Ghost In the Shell screening. Yeah the controversial whatever thing one... In all honesty, it was decent and true enough to vision. Well not the original on-print vision BUT the one everyone seems to have adopted. So people were angry about something that is not even faithful to itself to begin with. People really have time to lose...
I am not a big fan of GITS ( the manga ? we'll talk about that. The Anime? Technically GORGEOUS in image and sound and if you're like King Kull you might consider it a masterpiece...I don't because I subscribe to Conan's philosophy.) so I checked this more on a whim for entertainment sake rather than passion sake ...

So what did I learn :
+ You know what I think of when I hear the phrase "Ghost in the shell" ? THIS dude here… . That is LITERALLY his ability ! In fact, this franchise should be called "brain in a metal cranium" because nobody's an actual ghost !
+ Beat Takeshi is fucking annoying in this...I'd rather have Jack Nicholson play Aramaki...or Ken Watanabe... OR even Donald Duck, HELL someone who's willing to SPEAK ENGLISH GODDAMMIT ! Seriously every scene he was in I was like "yi bara nayek !"...
+ Scar Jo is honestly an ideal choice to play the major. I mean did you fucking watch the original animated flick ? Oshii's Major Kusanagi is a goddamn cypher that is there to go on and fucking on about Da Existentialism ... and I don't remember her EVEN blinking… ! Sweet En Sabah Nur, SHE's STARING AT MY SOUL ! So Scar Jo plays an existential crisis-led talking wooden character ? Good pick. Nigh perfect even ! i just remove 10% accuracy because Scar Jo DOES show emotions in some scenes.
HOWEVER.... if it were SHIROW's Major…; , she'd be fucking unable to play this role. NO WAY in HELL she'd pull that off ! And look, I never found either the Shirow's manga OR Oshii's anime to  be the greatest fucking thing since modern plumbing BUT I definitely go with the original Manga (the sequels ? Good luck with adapting THAT book on live action pal !) in this case. Why ? Manga Kusanagi has a fucking personality ! She's vivacious, EXPRESSIVE, sleazy and has a fun dynamic with the rest of the team. I could see Margot Robbie playing this incarnation for the sole reason she HAS an acting range. Also, cyber lesbian orgy.... so you know they'll NEVER make a True to ORIGINAL vision with this. This is the closest thing to Shirow's vision on-screen
+ Pilou Asbaek was damn cool as Batou !
+ Being inter-connected is BAD !  
+ No nipples on the cybernetic body... for shaaame !
+ Not a single tachikoma here. That's sad...
+ Robot Geishas are to be avoided...
+ 98 test subjects dying is actually ok. You need to have Dr Essex's medical ethics...
+ I ran out of pop-corn early... could not find a Magnum ice-cream...
+ What ? Cyberdive and no nudity ?! I am disappoint !
+  Kuze would look much better with the exposed skeletal jaw !
+ I still prefer Appleseed to GITS ... Hell I wanted a W Tails Cats adaptation with the budget of this movie ! It would be wonderful ! XD
+ Yeah,I know there's Stand Alone Complex, but I never watched it so it's out of my equation here...
+ What is life ? What is a soul ? Well a fucking functioning brain.... that is the movie's answer and, I'd say I agree.
Sooo there you go, it's on par with Ooshi's 1995 flick. Both are entertaining enough to watch but at the end of the day, I'll be like "whatevs...".

And in Bonus, Other Movies I watched lately...

Booyah motherfucker ! I relished it ! Waaay better than the bullshit version of Peter Jackson, this one KNOWS what it is and delivers it delightfully.

DICK TRACY (1990) :
Amazing, colorful and charming ! It really is one of the best comic book movies out there and a work of love. Also, Pacino as Big Boy ? PRICELESS ! 

CONAN (2011) :
Turned out waaaaay better than people were saying (then again , popular conscience is as trustworthy as a rabid dog in a kindergarten...). Needed a tighter screen time and pacing all things considered.
For all the flick's weaknesses (the *siiigh* origin story. The script having no idea which story to adapt and Stephen Lang needing better lines...), Momoa definitely makes his scenes worth it. I recognized the book Cimmerian; Mirthful (If you only know Frazetta's paintings, you'd never guess that but Conan LOVES having fun !), looking for the next piece of consenting ass, inventive in his violence (sending the messenger....) and feline in his movements. 
At best it's a good time and enjoyable. At worst, a missed opportunity that did not think its plot choices through...but I'll live with it, by Crom !

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What are your favourite modern Batman stories?
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Say, what's your opinion on the new Wonder Woman film?
devilkais Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017
I will review it once I watch it. At this point here are my thoughts on its predecessors Suicide Squad 2016 - The Review   Man Of Steel...molten too early...
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I wonder what you think about Animaniacs getting a reboot?…
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I'm gonna say; terrible idea. Honestly, you can't capture that charm twice...
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Hi! I sent you a message.
I hope you're doing well.
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Yup man . And to answer your question, I've torrented those cartoons. Welcome to Tunis ! XD
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devilkais Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
Good luck with that !
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