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Kais Slim Saidi
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA ! Okay , what do you wanna know ?

Current Residence: Tunis in Tunisia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: eeerrr... I DONT KNOW!
Print preference: I DONT KNOW!
Favourite genre of music: when I hear a song I like I just take it! no matter the genre
Favourite style of art: With a black pen & a pencil
Favourite cartoon character: dude that'd be like choosing between his children, they're all part of a huge puzzle
So how was the legendary "Cowboy Bebop " ? It was cool. Nothing ground-breaking actually, but it was an entertaining show.

In fact the plot is halfway about Spike's story and quest for vengeance ( he takes credit for making me invested in the show...) and Faye recovering her memory. The rest is hit or miss. It seems that the 2 main plot-lines were not enough to fill an entire story so they added those to keep us waiting for the finale. Some are indeed fine ("Toys in the Attic" was fucking hilarious,"Pierrot Le Fou" gets props for using an evil clown and "Sympathy for the Devil" was awesome ...), others are fillerish (" Ganymede Elegy " and "Bohemian Rhapsody" anyone ?). Who knows, maybe the narrative would have been stronger if it were a 2 parter movie ?
 As for the characters themselves, they are indeed likable even if they are not revolutionnary (nothing wrong with that, these types of characters exist AND are recycled, simple as that.).
 Spike is basically Ryo Saeba's sober cousin. Faye is at first some shady woman and later discovers who Spike is along with us. Jet is a decent supporting character and ... that's it. Ed... oookay . What was her purpose again ? Yeah, she's funny at moments but she just joins the crew and then leaves, without any connection whatsoever to the plot's skelleton. Ed is a ??? character. Ein is a dog, so he gets a pass.
And as for Vicious...Okay Time out ! Did Spike really TRUST A GUY NAMED VICIOUS ? Seriously ? My guess is that he told him his name was Charles-Hubert. Anyone would trust Charles-Hubert ! That aside, Vicious himself is rather stock. I guess the fillerish episodes and the lack of screen-time diluted the guy's presence.

As for the technical side, nothing wrong : The voice acting is great (french dub being my favorite). The animation and setting is nothing short of impressive. Finally the music is pretty nice.

That's all I can say about it really. The best Animated series ever? Absolutely NOT. Great? No. Good? Yeah.

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flippythekiller Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I'm not sure, but have I fulfilled my side of our at my good friend?
devilkais Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
I don't think so... Though to be fair I do not even remember what I asked for !
flippythekiller Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You never asked for anything! ^^
devilkais Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
Wait ! How about a Felix the Cat ? The Twisted Tales version please !
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DragoLord09 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
Hello there, I was just wondering what your opinions are on writers like Dwayne McDuffie, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Geoff Jones, Jonathan Hickman, Elliot S! Maggin, Christopher Priest, Jim Shooter, J. Michael Straczynski, Chuck Dixon, Jeph Loeb, Neil Gaiman, Steve Gerber, Kieron Gillen, Paul Dini, Gail Simone, Walt Simonson, Judd Winick, Scott Snyder, Brian K. Vaughan, Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, Chris Claremont, Frank Miller, Alan Moore, and John Byrne? (I'm staying away from those you've already said your piece about or obvious berserk button targets like Morrison, DiDio, Quesada, and Bendis) (and yes I know this is a lot to think about, but these creators show the most influence, good or bad, in the history of comics and I just want a nice answer from a comic book fan who has his head on right.)

On a side-note, did you ever explain what you didn't like about Jessica Jones (a creation of Bendis), like her being too perfect, a product of the times, an out-of-context character, etc.?
devilkais Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
No problem ! Allow me to bring the ducks !…

I can only give an opinion from what I've read of course (that's the only way to judge properly as you know .)

 Dwayne McDuffie (Haven't read much but one day I'll eventually track down Static Shock. I also enjoy his All Star Superman adaptation (even more so for NOT having the characters look like Quietly's fetus-potatoes...))
Ed Brubaker (Good run on Catwoman. I loved the first half of his Cap America (though his greatest story remains the final fate of Jack Monroe. Tragic end for a heoic man that could not fight his decreasing sanity ...). I just do not care that much about Daredevil though...)
Matt Fraction ( I loved the issue he wrote about the Mandarin (that's how Iron Man III should have been), but aside from
Geoff Johns (Loved His Avengers, Loved his Flash run (Blitz is to this day THE END of Flash for me ...). While I like his Sinestro and Hank Henshaw , I do dislike his GL stuff... Hal did not need to come back. And I hate his Silver Age fetish...)
Jonathan Hickman (Can't really judge ...)
Elliot S! Maggin (Can't judge)
Christopher Priest (Excellent Black Panther run , pretty nice Deadpool run ... And that's all I know ! XD )
Jim Shooter (I am cool with his writing in General. At least , he does establish some consistency)
J. Michael Straczynski ( Loved the first part of his Spider-man (until , you know, The whole Sins Past BS...))
Chuck Dixon (Easily one of the greatest Batman writers EVER : He perfected Tim Drake and Nightwing, He co-created Bane and His Joker is equivalent in greatness to Chuck Jones's Daffy Duck ! I generally love his stuff !)
Jeph Loeb ( pretty much the general view; I enjoy Hush, Long Halloween and Dark Victory very much. I liked his run on Cable...but that's pretty much it...Never cared about the ultimates at all, I mean how can one ruin what's already BS ?)
Neil Gaiman ( I enjoy his writing, though I am not avid about it as most people seem to... And am I the only one that finds Death of the endless freaky as fuck ?) 
Steve Gerber (HOWARD ROCKS !) 
Kieron Gillen (No opinion...)
Paul Dini (You know my opinion of Batman, You can easily guess what I think of Dini's work !)
Gail Simone (Love her Deadpool/AgentX run, Like her Wonder-Woman and Mad Hatter but DAMN do Ragdoll and Black Alice piss me off !)
Walt Simonson (Great artist ! Great work on Thor)
Judd Winick (aside from Exiles... Not a big fan.)
Scott Snyder (not much of an opinion . It is not that he's bad, but he just arrived at the very wrong moment !)
Brian K. Vaughan (same ... Not read much...)
Mark Waid (Great run on the Flash and Fantastic Four (I don't care what they say, his Dr Doom was PERFECT!) , not a big fan of Kingdom Come , though... and while he created Impulse, Dezaggo and David PERFECTED HIM !)
Kurt Busiek (Easily one of the greatest Avengers writers ever !)
Chris Claremont (... To be blunt, while I appreciate some of the characters he created, Scott Lobdell and Fab Nicieza's x-men run simply surpass his stuff. I even prefer Louise Simonson for actually making the O5 worthwhile and giving us Apocalypse !)
Frank Miller ( I am okay with Sin City and the first 3 parts of DKRand I actually find ASBAR hilarious as fuck ! Not a big fan though )
Alan Moore ( I liked Watchmen (though the ending is total BS... The movie did that BETTER.) and V for Vendetta , but like for Gaiman, not an avid Moore fan...)
John Byrne ( I like what I've read of his Supperman and Fantastic 4... though his Donna Troy retcon was absolute horseshit and so was his brief Spidey run...)

There are my views, hope you'll appreciate... AND here's a bonus !…
DragoLord09 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
Thank you very much kind sir for your honest opinions; and may I say, its nice to meet a fan who doesn't go into, "my interpretation is better than yours" arguments, at least not without heavy proof to back it up!

By the by, I get Black Alice, but what is it about Ragdoll that grinds your gears?
devilkais Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
It's very simple really. Much like Squirrel Girl (oh she ridicules big name villains... funny but the writers hackjobs seem to already demean them as it is !), he starts out as fairly amusing but then, page after page, his shtick gets old very fucking quick ! That and the whole junior plot was dumb !
DragoLord09 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
Almost forgot one more writer: Marv Wolfman!
marco444 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
I see you are a fan of sweetie belle
See thid and you are gonna love it:…
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