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Kais Slim Saidi
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA ! Okay , what do you wanna know ?

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I shall discuss this WHY ? Because I care, I  waited a long time to deal with him ... and because it's a nice way to warm the audience !
Superman is one of the LEAST well-known characters in comics. I am not joking, few fucking bother to know him accurately. It's just that the problem is not with him in the first place. The problem is more with people's idiocy. Vanity is the devil's favorite sin and you'll notice more often than not, people never want to say "I don't know" but rather bitch about anything they have no grasp on.
Superman is this subject few actually know ANYTHING ABOUT and yet feel compelled to open their ignorant traps about it. They also love using the fallacious double-standard that consists in calling Supes "Perfect" while praising characters that are utterly awful.

Okay, cards on table before we get to the movie at hand ; I have tried several versions of Superman and his mythos and the best handling on print is from 86 to 99. While it does have some issues with Byrne's jerkass moments as a writer here and there, it still gave a fuck about Clark Kent and his world more than it ever did with Superman. Superman is just a mask, a title, a concept... CLARK KENT is the character and meat of the story ! In fact THIS is my main reference when discussing other adaptations of the character including THIS movie. Now, DCAU Clark is a no-brainer when it comes to favorites... but if I had to talk about the most accurate live adaptation of THIS Superman…  , the Superman I love and give a damn about, it'd be Christopher the 1995 version of "Village of the Damned". Why ? That movie has the feel and atmosphere of the Superman stories I crave. What ? You thought that they were all about Supes punching his problems away ? Must be great to be delusional.
I also enjoyed  some of the Joe Kelly and Joe Casey storylines during the 00's soft-reboot, then I stopped giving a damn altogether. What about the critically acclaimed version by comic book critics ? By the fucktards over CBR, Neogaf and the like ?
Kingdom Come ? Preachy as fuck. Injustice ? A mixed bag and too on-the-nose at times. The Geoff Johns Superman ? A measly retread towards the silver-Bronze age and a spit to the face of Kent's supporting cast. Even the things it claims to improve, it actually diminishes. And fuck the Titans for that matter. Red Son ? I can't tell you how low my give-a-fuckometer is when people mention that story. All-Star Superman ?…  

Let's start with the very first version of Superman ? Yes it is very different from what 90% of people think. People just say he fought Hitler and that's it. How is he really ? Well for Shuster and Siegel, Clark Kent is nothing but a facade while Superman is the actual character. For the best reasons. Why ? BECAUSE he is BATSHIT INSANE ! OG Superman is like a fusion of Doomsday, Bugs Bunny and Nicolas Cage ! The most accurate version on live-action of THIS Superman is the first half of Hancock (aka the GOOD part of Hancock). He represents the downtrodden and the poor and the simple folks ... and since they are full of resentment and bitterness OF COURSE they're gonna wreck EVERYTHING THAT SETS THEM OFF ! While not my favorite, I like the insane early Supes not only for being a symbol of his era but also because as a character he's hugely entertaining. And he has no problem with killing... so you better watch out !

Silver Age Superman ? Well there's the boring milksop boy scout that tries to ape Captain Marvel without the actual charm or cuteness... and there's the utter prick who's the spiritual ancestor of Lobo's farcical version. Here, they basically and very lazily give him any superpower they could pull from their rectum such as the ability to spawn mini-supes from his hands... in fact, thank God for Crisis On Infinite Earths. There is also the whole deal with the Legion Of Superheroes which I classify between "Not the Legion with Kinetix? Fuck off" and " I just don't give a fuck, why does Ultra Boy still breathe?!". Oh and he also murders the fuck out of Bizarro but I'll get to that later , hehehehe...

Bronze Age Superman ? kind of a blur to me... except that he beats the fuck out of Mongul ! That was awesome ! And that british Rasputin kills him in a cool story.

SO with all of that out of the way, we can dig into the movie itself. My opinion of it is no surprise to my faithful audience " good concepts, hamfisted execution. Nolan and Snyder spend more focus on the goddamn symbolism rather than using the genuinely important part about Superman: CLARK KENT." At its worst I see it as mediocre but at its best, it's okay (I mean this is written by the guy who wrote Wolverine Origins ! So who knows how worse it could have been ! Like Lobo being a dog or Mongul being a drunk hobo !). Then again, I was never fond of superhero origin stories (except Cable's. Why the fuck isn't THAT an animated feature Goddamnit !), so I was looking more at it through the lenses of "Oh god, get this over with and bring the cream of Supes villains !".
But I agree that I've seen dumb opinions from both fans of the movie AND detractors.
From the former I hear that this is the first interesting Superman, to which I respond that they can blow me. The BEST Supes is the guy I described right up there, Cavill's is pretty likable but the way Tim Daly, George Newbern, Tom Welling and Dean Cain portrayed Clark simply had more meat to him. Christopher Reeve's actually suffers from a different issue...
The latter is mostly idiotic because instead of offering a rationale and a constructive argument, they throw shit like "Superman is a boyscout !" "they made his dark like Batman" " this is not the Donnerverse !" " Superman is supposed to be light-hearted yo !". They also, and that shocked me when I heard it, asked Dan Jurgens for an apology because he liked the movie ! Like WHAT ? I pissed myself laughing at that point ! XD
Granted Mark Waid and Dan Slott hated it, but Waid wrote fucking Birthright and Slott...well his Spider-man run is not exactly what I call light-hearted, now is it ?

Let's adress the points:

* Krypton:
This version of Krypton kicks ass. It is taken straight from the John Byrne mini-series and the Kryptonians themselves are depicted as human-shaped aliens that you should never try to screw over. I always loved how the DC cosmos is this bizarre, scary and unforgiving place and this movie shows nice glimpses of that. And yes, Kryptonians are NOT the warm-hearted species one is misled to imagine (those were the Czarnians...). They are cold, almost detached and totally count on cloning their progeny and program them for their future role in society. Jor-El and Lara however are lifted from the DCAU (the Byrne incarnations of these 2 are pretty much like the rest of their species)  since they conceived Kal-El in utero rather than in a birthing matrix (shocking ain't it ?!).

* Zod and co:
General Zod is not among my favorite Supes villains. In fact I never liked the whole "other kryptonians besides Supes" trend. Hell even my favorite Supergirl is not Kryptonian ! Now in Superman 2, Terrence Stamp did a great job  making a footnote into a memorable tyrant. Michael Shannon's Zod is just as good and FITS the post-crisis Krypton. He is an insurgent and he has avery good point; the planet is in ruins and they need to save their race. And no lie, as cold-hearted as he is towards humans, the following speech… sums him up pretty well. So kudos for making me like an antagonist I'd otherwise never thought of using or even considering.  

* Pa Kent:
Ooookay. Yeah, this is the element that honestly sucks in the movie and that's not because of Kevin Costner, I feel he did the best with what he was given. It has a lot more to do with the dialogue than the direction honestly. Pa Kent talks more like a faulty motivational poster than a father. And the sad part is that it could be so easily FIXED ! Hell the whole dispute between him and Clark in the car would have led to a GREAT scene, because both had compelling views; Jonathan didn't want Clark to be taken from him and Clark wanted to do something more with his abilities (though farming is not an unreasonable option mind you...). After that dispute, you could have Clark leaving the house to cool off... and upon returning , he discovers that his dad died of a heart attack, making him realize that for all these abilities, there are things that BEYOND him....and that he wasn't there for his dad. But instead we get the fucking tornado or something. Which is even more farfetched than the 5th dimension to me...Also if you have the choice between saving a bus full of children but risk exposing yourself to the world? You save the bus full of school children. END OF ARGUMENT. They should have taken a cue from Smallville for this character. Martha is fine though, and the best scene is when while she's happy that Clark has found the answer about his past, she's afraid to lose him. Would it kill them to add more of these scenes ? Without the expository dialogue ?

* Clark destroys the truck:
People bitched about this and I was facepalming... that guy fucking had it COMING ! Rewatch the scene, Clark was anything but patient and even politely told the trucker to cut it off. The fucker KEPT antagonising him ! I'd say that Clark had him go easy. Hell, MY favorite Superman is not a pushover, I've seen him angry and if you step on his toes , he'll step on yours twice harder. People really think Supes is some above humans God of goodness ? BULLSHIT, Clark is a nice person and it's BECAUSE of that that he has his limits and that he gets angry. Hell, if I were kryptonian and that shmuck did the same, he would be wearing his lower intestines as a neck-tie ! As for Cavill's portrayal, I think he did fine in the reasonable, no-nonsense aspect of the character especially when adressing the general. At least we got that " He's just a dude who happens to be an alien" approach. My only reproach is that his Supes is a bit too shy and reserved for his own good (people mistake this for being cold...) since I am more accustomed to the smartass and self-assured Mr Kent. The suit is fine, it looks alien enough even if a lighter night blue color would be better. The S should be shinier though, you know, like metal Red !…

* Religious undertones:
Yeah they're annoying. Then again with Chris Nolan writing, it's always been as subtle as a sledgehammer.

* Why doesn't he use more powers ?
Because a) He is NOT used to them b) If you're literally THROWN in to an emergency, you don't have the time to plan. If anything, this movie had the cojones to throw Clark in a situation that is waaaayy over his head ! The only slight advantage he has is that Zod's group are not used to the yellow sun radiations. And it's a good thing they went with the Post-Crisis powerset.

* Superman doesn't save anyone ...
Yeah suuuure he doesn't…

* The Disaster porn !
You mean an alien takeover whose goal is to terraform the fucking planet brings too much destruction ? Please send your complaint to General Zod at 137 Fuckyou Avenue.
Metropolis gets trashed because the WORLD ENGINE is smashing it to pieces. Clark actually DIMINISHED the destruction ! Zod  was playing for keeps and it is under HIS orders that the city was getting more and more wrecked. And as for luring them away ? They're not gonna hurry it up to get Clark ! Earth gets changed first, thus we get erased and THEN they can catch Clark to extract the codex at their leisure. The reason they were not so bothered to get him after he escaped the ship is because they're less concerned with "defeating Superman" and more with "rebuilding their planet". And Cavill Superman just tried his best to stop this invasion on literally his FIRST DAY AS SUPERMAN ! Cut the guy some slack already ! Hell in "Panic in the sky", Clark was helped by almost every hero available to fight off Brainiac and even THEN casualties fucking occurred !
The true problem is that they killed Emil Hamilton INSTEAD of having Hank Henshaw dragged to the phantom zone... ya know what I mean ;)

* Superman KILLS...
... and so WHAT ? Plenty of my favorite heroes had to kill. Nobody fucking bitched when Nolan's Batman murdered Two-Face and yet allowed the Joker to stay alive. Must be great from that Ivory tower...
And as for "Zod's death could be avoided", How exactly ? I've heard ALL the excuses and ALL of them forget a simple fact : No prison on Earth would work on Zod. No Kryptonite has been discovered yet. No way to remove Zod's powers and no Phantom Zone. Zod swore that he would wreck humans the same way they did his plan. If he moved him away, who's to say Zod would not strike elsewhere ?! Didn't anyone notice how hard it was for Clark to catch the fucker in the first place ?! And this is not something he dealt lightly. This isn't a shitty Singer X-men flick where genocidal hypocrites get whitewashed by playing the Aushwitz card after each movie. THIS is a do or die situation !
Before you say that it taints Superman as an icon, I shall reply "FUCK ICONS." and show you this… . This right here is what my favorite Superman did by the way. And how about the way DCAU Supes wanted the people of Apokolips to LYNCH Darkseid ?
The Richard Donner Superman ? He fucking murdered Zod AFTER depowering him ! Sorry but, who's the darker Superman again ?! Plus that's 3 dead Zods, shouldn't the slot-machine give him money at this point ?
And as for my favorite kill, by that I mean one so asinine that it makes snapping Zod's neck perfectly acceptable, Superboy (Silver-age teen Clark) MURDERS Bizarro. This is easily WAY worse than what he did in all the former examples. Why ? Well here's the original incarnation of Bizarro… and yes, he's NOT dangerous. He's this poor Joe trying to find his place in the world and is devoured by depression. What does the "pure-hearted" silver-age Clark do ?… Case closed.

* The ending...
...oh God. THIS is easily the weak point of the movie. In fact, what would have made the whole thing MUCH BETTER would be to have Clark as a journalist at the beginning or the middle of the movie (you know, using his abilities for investigation and all that...) and THEN as a closing we find him as a sailor trying to overcome the whole trauma (to no great success) of the Metropolis attack. In fact, it would be revealed later on that the pier scene at the beginning happened some time AFTER the Metropolis attack.
Yeah, they culd have done a far better job here. Or just focused on Lois Lane or Martha getting a letter from Clark who was out there being a sailor/explorer !

So there you have it! Is it the worst comic movie ever ? Absolutely not ! I mean people praise garbage like Dredd-3D so why should I take their word seriously ? Is it the best Superman movie ever ? No. "Vs the Elite" gets that distinction. And The Animated Series is even better. Man Of Steel is better than All star though... you heard right. Far as I am concerned, Heroes STRUGGLE against adversity and hardships !


Now as for the sequel we could've had something way better ! Here's Max Landis's take… (BTW, his "American Alien" mini is everything right about the Character ! Also his "Death and Return of Superman" video is A PARODY ! People went on to take it literally thinking he hates Supes... Also, Elijah Wood as Mr Henshaw ? AWESOME ! I don't always agree though, I'd replace the Justice League with the CADMUS characters...and I despise the JL as Gods. And I know where he got that... Also Mr Sinister is NOT THAT hard to pull off. The 90's X-men cartoon nailed his tragic past despite toning down some elements !).
For me ? A team-up between Luthor and Brainiac ! And then for the last movie of the trilogy, Hank Henshaw as The Cyborg Superman and Doomsday !

INSTEAD, we got the movie I really did not give a shit about...would you believe that my cousins laughed when I told them about it ? They're not comic buffs but they've always prefered the adaptations where everyone is in his own sandbox... and they were right !
On the bright glimmers, Gal Gadot seems a good choice to portray Dianna and the track " This is my World" is beautiful and fitting to one of my favorite Superman issues... 
As a huge Batman AND Superman fan, the concept of pitting them in a straight up fight never appealed to me. I wanted a proper Superman sequel ! I 've seen Clark's range and he  can cover different genres of movies ! For fuck sake, you can have the funny stuff , the dark stuff through these movies ! But they don't.
I prefered Affleck as Daredevil (no joke here !), Batfleck is NOT the Golden Age OG Batman (that'd be Keaton), he's a brooding version of THIS "Batman"… . The only time I bought him as Bruce Wayne was in the very beginning where he helped those people. And even then, the only character I was invested into was Supes... and they BARELY FOCUS ON HIM ! With that premise he whole flick should have been about Clark investigating the Batman rumors and Bruce investigating the Supes case ! Yeah, that's right, I am asking for a more understated sequel !
The bath-tub scene however shall be kept. For scientific purposes.
And no Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. FOR LOGICAL-AS-FUCK REASONS ! Would it KILL them to bring a charismatic, suave eloquent actor to portray Lex ?! Even his fixation on "God" is fucking wrong !

Also… ... that should seal it...

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